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Prayers in Tamil

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Daily Bread!
AN AUTHORITATIVE CHURCH - One Bread, One Body, Jun 29, 2016
Sts. Peter & Paul
Acts 12:1-11 | 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 17-18 | Psalm 34:2-9 | Matthew 16:13-19

"I for My part declare to you, you are 'Rock,' and on this rock I will build My Church, and the jaws of death shall not prevail against it. I will entrust to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven." —Matthew 16:18-19

Jesus has decided to give Peter and his successors "the keys of the kingdom of heaven." The keys are a symbol of authority. Thus, the Lord has given authority to Peter, and all of the popes, as head of the universal Church. This authority to ... More

SEEK PROPHECY - One Bread, One Body, Jun 28, 2016
St. Irenaeus
Amos 3:1-8; 4:11-12 | Psalm 5:4-8 | Matthew 8:23-27

"Indeed, the Lord God does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants, the prophets." —Amos 3:7

The above verse has been an important foundation of Presentation Ministries since our beginning. Our ministry seeks to operate in the prophetic word of God, that now-word (Ez 33:30) which pierces hearts and brings conversion, discipleship, and ... More

DISCIPLESHIP COMES FIRST - One Bread, One Body, Jun 27, 2016
St. Cyril of Alexandria
Amos 2:6-10, 13-16 | Psalm 50:16-23 | Matthew 8:18-22

"Lord, let me go and bury my father first." —Matthew 8:21

Jesus would not allow a potential disciple to first bury his father. Many Scripture scholars have commented that this man's father had not yet died, and so anyone who wishes to be Jesus' disciple must renounce all His possessions, including a ... More

FIREPLACE? - One Bread, One Body, Jun 26, 2016
13th Sunday Ordinary Time
1 Kings 19:16, 19-21 | Galatians 5:1, 13-18 | Psalm 16:1-2, 5, 7-11 | Luke 9:51-62

"Would You not have us call down fire?" —Luke 9:54

James and John asked Jesus: " 'Lord, would You not have us call down fire from heaven to destroy them?' [Jesus] turned toward them only to reprimand them" (Lk 9:54-55). On another occasion, Jesus proclaimed: "I have come to light a fire on the ... More

FIRE EXTINGUISHER - One Bread, One Body, Jun 25, 2016
Lamentations 2:2, 10-14, 18-19 | Psalm 74:1-7, 20-21 | Matthew 8:5-17

"They did not lay bare your guilt, to avert your fate." —Lamentations 2:14

Solomon built a temple in Jerusalem as a dwelling place for the Lord. God was pleased and came to dwell in the Temple. "The Lord's glory filled the house of God" (2 Chr 5:14). During the next three-hundred years, Jerusalem was miraculously ... More

DECREASING RETURNS - One Bread, One Body, Jun 24, 2016
Birth of St. John the Baptizer
Isaiah 49:1-6 | Acts 13:22-26 | Psalm 139:1-3, 13-15 | Luke 1:57-66, 80

"What will this child be?" —Luke 1:66

St. Augustine noted that we celebrate John the Baptizer's birthday after the summer equinox, when daylight begins to lessen in the northern hemisphere, and we celebrate Jesus' birthday after the winter equinox, when daylight begins to increase. ... More

SAVED FROM THE PITS OF HELL - One Bread, One Body, Jun 23, 2016
2 Kings 24:8-17 | Psalm 79:1-5, 8-9 | Matthew 7:21-29

"Out of My sight, you evildoers!" —Matthew 7:23

How bad can things get? We could unconditionally surrender to the enemy and be led captive into exile (2 Kgs 24:12). The treasures of our faith could be carried off, and we could witness horrific sacrileges (see 2 Kgs 24:13). We could be brought ... More


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